4 Ways to Make Your Bathtub More Accessible & Safe

The built-intentionintegrated of built-inintegrated or fixbuiltintegrated your built-ing-edgeintegrated tub is to make it extra accessible to the built-inpobuiltintegrated whereintegrated a senior whose mobility is built-ined by ordbuiltintegrated environmental settintegratedgs.

4 Ways to Make Your Bathtub More Accessible & Safe


Makintegratedg your unit behave greater like a stroll-integrated tub have to be your manual for a safe and on hand integrated product. let’s built-ine the protection add-ons of walk-built-in tubs and built-ind outintegrated how you may emulate them.

The protection features of stroll built-in tubs:

Low step-built-in height (zero-7″)
Watertight door
protection snatch bars
Non-slip ground and seat
With a built-inaggregate of a conversion kits and other improvements, your built-ing bathtub may be transformed to one that centers round protection the usage ofintegrated the tips made beneath.

Conversion kit
determbuiltintegrated with busbuiltintegrated like safety bathtub, a door built-insert kit can be used to replace a wall’s reduce-out with a watertight door. This achieves an entrance threshold of nine” to 12″ lower than what built-intointegrated built-inally built-in location, built-inatbuiltintegrated the possibilities of slip-and-fall built-injuries fundamental amongst gettbuiltintegrated seniors.

safety grab Bars
although conventional bathtubs do have snatch bars already located, you could upload ones of your very own that are less complicated to attabuiltintegrated. you may mount some on near-with the aid of walls as they may be clean built-install and really affordable. simply keep away from those with suction cups due to the fact they can be the purpose of many risky add-ons – stick to what is recognized to paintings.

If the partitions are too a long way apart and impractical to utilize, you can buy a nice adjustable take hold of bar safety rail for an average of 30 dollars – no holes built-inintegrated walls, built-inarilyintegrated useful, and safe.

Wheelchair get right of entry to
Makintegratedg your bathe stall easy to get right of entry to with a wheelchair is easy – you just add a ramp and you are prepared to move. Your bathtub, then agabuiltintegrated, will either require a switch bench or seat, or a special ramp.

you can, of path, integrated unique safety components to construct a hard and fast-up you’re most comfy with. let’s pass over these built-infor my part a good way to make an built-inbuiltintegrated decision.

A switch bench or seat may be built-in form of a slidbuilt-ing swivel seat or a set seat, generally supported through 4 levelbuilt-ing legs or clamps that attach firmly to the rims. The switch bench or seat to the rate range of $50-$300.
AmeriGlide’s Conversion package built-inbuiltintegrated a door integratedsert just like safety tub’s simplest it built-incontabuiltintegrated a removable door and ramp for wheelchair-certabuiltintegrated seniors and veterans to enterintegrated the bathtub conveniently.
bath elevate chairs allow you to slip on from seat to seat with out straintegratedbuilt-ing your muscles to arise and take a seat down. With the rush of a button, the chair descends and lifts at your comfort, makbuilt-ing soakintegratedg on your personal bathtub an convenient possibility.
cell seats paintings almost identically to bath raise chairs only they can climb built-inintegrated of the bath built-ing a motorized rotational bar on the tub’s rim. these are by usbuiltintegrated far the maximum helpful seat for handicapped men and women of age and they can set you returned at the leastintegrated $2,000.
Non-Slip Surfaces
Slippery bath built-in are very smooth to treatment – all you want is a treatment together with SlipDoctors’ Non-Slip bathe safety ($25). virtually follow the solution to bathtub floor, and built-inwithbuiltintegrated 10 built-ins, you’ll have a slip-resistant surface powerful for two years.


when you built-in the upgrades and which you’re most built-in gobuilt-ing to be usbuiltintegrated on your unit, you may integrated them as a consequenceintegrated so you never have to lose your bathintegratedg built-independence ever integrated.

Ideas for Recessed Bathroom Shelves

it’s miles a glorious component when they’re speakme approximately statue out more lavatory garage with recessed shelving. In toilets there they’ve square inch to have cabinets attached, recessed toilet shelf and may take gain of hollow spaces in the back of drywall. wide cabinets give the storage space needed for it to feature well without getting rid of several precious floor spaces. if you including a storage area to an available toilet contain working around or moving current wall studs as well as doing electric, venting, and plumbing paintings.

Ideas for Recessed Bathroom Shelves


The wall studs can make restrictions on wherein and how massive a gap may be and you are making different sorts cabinets. Recessed cabinets are basically holes reduce into your wall that made in a body, dry walled over, and painted or included so you get the equal amount of shelf area, but without something protruding into the room. those shelves may be big rectangles, small squares, or maybe complete cabinets with doors, and all gift with added shelf space you may not encounter the bathroom.

If you like the idea of turning the room inner your lavatory partitions into unfastened storage space, however you aren’t extremely certain on your capability to do it yourself then you would possibly need to appearance in its vicinity for wall hooked up storage cabinets which might be deliberate to be recessed into the walls. This recessed bathroom shelf are offer the equal advantages but require plenty less completing work, so they are a piece more merciful. Wall hung cabinets can be either partially or fully recessed, relying on how lots storage space you want but may be hooked up just about anyplace within the rest room you want them.

they may be buried into a surface vicinity that means that the actual lighting fixtures element itself is partially concealed from view making it appearance smaller sized and less prominent and whether you’re installing them in your toilet wall, ceiling, or below cabinets or cupboards you get this actual equal area-saving effect.


They’re suitable for setup and use in toilets which means that they’re an professional down light becoming that has the least amount of safety required for that vicinity or area within the rest room. because of guidelines and notifications put in place to protect your safety, all bathroom down lights hooked up in genuine zones need to have a selected rating, which means that the extra liable to water penetration.

Add Space to Your Bathroom Simple

you may wish you had extra storage area, and you may get it with toilet replicate shelves. This offers a dual cause as you could use the reflect to ensure you look extraordinary and you may keep what you need inner of the cupboard. those items can be out of sight and that makes your lavatory seem clean and organised. It also maintains items out of the attain of youngsters.

Add Space to Your Bathroom


you could pick from various colorings for the outdoor of the cabinets. you could also pick out the design of the mirror to get what you need. you can have a sure kind of d├ęcor to your bathroom so recollect what it is whilst you keep. It is a great idea to make sure it’s going to all mixture together well. you can additionally purchase one this is primary and universal to match pretty much some thing.


you could buy toilet mirror shelves in a ramification of sizes. if you need one that is not a not unusual length, don’t worry. There are carriers who can custom cause them to to suit your specs. carefully degree the gap you’ve got so that you can get the scale that are right in your wishes. you could additionally ask a expert to are available and entire the measurements for you.

when you have confined width on your object to be put in area, you may also take into account one this is taller. this could assist you to have extra garage space in spite of such confinements. you could have to get a small stepping stool to attain the pinnacle cabinets in there for objects you don’t use regularly. it is really some thing to bear in mind to have the storage you want wherein you need it the most.


reflect onconsideration on the depth too in relation to bathroom mirror cabinets. when they may be deeper, you’ll be able to shop greater objects in there. The ultimate element you need is to have it so full, gadgets are falling out whilst you open it as much as get something out. You need them to be deep enough to clearly offer you storage blessings. study the options and examine depth before you buy.


you may rent a professional to put in bathroom reflect cabinets for you. that is a fantastic manner to ensure it’s miles performed fast and easily. this is the type of task you could also do to your very own. it is less complicated to do it with someone else though so that they can maintain it for you too till it’s miles comfy in vicinity. If this is a do it your self assignment, make certain you have got excellent high-quality wall anchors in area.

you furthermore may want to locate the wall studs to ensure it will stay hooked up. It is a superb idea to evaluate the overall weight of the rest room replicate cabinets before you buy them so that you can make certain you have a sold course of action for a way to appropriately and securely install them. a few products come with the installation hardware blanketed and others require you to buy it one at a time.


The pricing for bathroom mirror shelves will range relying on the best of the products. avoid shopping for anything made from reasonably-priced substances that are not going to last. you furthermore may want to make sure the materials are going to do nicely in a lavatory setting. This place is prone to plenty of moisture and warmth. do not purchase something that may not maintain up properly through the years to such conditions.


Spend a while evaluating the numerous picks so you emerge as with something this is fully useful and looks notable. it’ll add existence to your bathroom look and help you to stop stressing about all of the gadgets cluttered around your counter space.