Rolex assembled: a new reality of Rolex imitations

Rolex imitations are certainly among the most counterfeit watches , in fact there are different types of non-originalRolex watches sold online. But for some time, another type of copy seems to have been born: The assembled Rolex .

If you are here it is because you will probably be interested in buying a Rolex , but because of its high price you can not afford it and you are opting for an alternative. We will try to give you all the information possible, trying to be useful, but we would like to advise you to invest your money in many timepieces similar to the Rolex , not inferior quality and certainly with much more affordable prices.  

Rolex assembled: the revolution in the world of counterfeit Rolex imitations

The companies that are dedicated to the reproduction of original watches say that original parts, always produced by the Swiss company , are reused in the assembled Rolex . This assembly action should increase the value of the watch, because it is made with original parts and therefore with the exceptional materials usually used by the Swiss company.

These assemblages, if really made, with elements of the original Rolex, could be more and more similar and less recognizable to the less expert eyes, making that the Rolex copies do not seem so. Counterfeiting is unfortunately a subject that mainly affects luxury goods, and now this fashion of assembling watches with original parts seems to be affected not only by Rolex but also by other important brands. But how is it possible that these companies can find original pieces and reuse them to make Rolex imitations and assemble watches to look like the originals? It is not possible, unfortunately, to know if this assembly is real and if the pieces used are really coming from Switzerland, but surelythis is a blow to the fight against counterfeiting , as well as it could be a strong deceptive advertising for those who think about buying a Rolex imitation watch legally 

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Perfect fake Rolex watches, the differences between an assembled Rolex and a Rolex replica

information on assembled Rolexes

Let’s start with the fact that we are talking about Rolex Falsi anyway Between these two types of watches, they should, therefore, be differences that would make the assembled Rolex better than the replica Rolex . In fact, being assembled clocks (in Italy or in China it makes little difference) with original Rolex parts, the assembly of watches should see 904L steel bracelets , original molds and original crates or rings . These elements should be recovered, requiring them as spare parts directly to the company , so usually the assembled Rolex has all the original components except the movementhowever, however, it is made on the model of the original by the company. It is often possible to find a Rolex assembled with Swiss movement ( such as an ETA ), but of course we do not speak of the Rolex parent company. A  Rolex replica , instead uses different materials, does not use the brand or original prints and to report that the sold Rolex is an imitation (eyes always checking the reference and the Rolex serials ).

Perfect Rolex imitations: where they come from and how to buy them safely

information on how to recognize fake Rolex imitations

Rolex assembled original

The Rolex Original imitations, are not illegal if carried out in accordance with the laws on reproduction of luxury goods or other products under brand names legally registered.

But to buy a non-original Rolex without receiving a scam, or receive a watch that is not legally salable, you must first see where it is produced. 

Rolex perfect imitations

Often, several sites try to deceive the buyer by stating that the imitation of a fake Rolex watch was made in Switzerland, but at the moment there are no companies that produce imitations of watches in Switzerland, so this statement is certainly false, This is why you are wary of buying a Rolex replica if it is stated that it was made in Switzerland. In fact, most of the companies that manufacture Rolex imitation watches, come from Bangkok, Thailand and in general from Asia. 

In the Rolex imitations there are medium quality products , which are regularly declared as non-original Rolexes, and which do not provide for the engraving of the logo on the dial or on the case.

Rolex replica: the thread that separates legality from illegality

Rolex replica features

Example of buying fake Rolex

Rolex Fake Watches

Many still have no clear ideas about when it is legal to buy a Rolex replica and when this action is illegal and can also be a real scam against the buyer. In fact, there are sites and individuals, who advertise Rolex identical to the originalswith the brands engraved in the right place, similar in appearance and materials, with automatic movements etc … Then all the sites and people who declare these features and Rolex codes and logos inserted just like the originals are not legal and also very often do not even exist. Mainly on the internet, beware of buying on ambiguous sites that could take your payment and not send you anything. 

features of fake rolexes

Rolex perfect copies

So to buy a Rolex imitation remember that: it must not be identical to the original, it must not see the Rolex brand engraved, it is not built with the same materials as the Swiss house. Be wary of buying assembled Rolex, especially if you can not really figure out the bill. Finally, we must remember that even if you want to buy a cheap Rolex copy , if you do not do it at a serious retailer, the legal repercussions could also affect those who bought it with penalties that can reach thousands of euros . In addition, many people who bought unwittingly online, received empty boxes, or received nothing and therefore lost hundreds of dollars unnecessarily.The risks in the purchase of non-original Rolex , unfortunately and a lot, for this advice and to buy at the same price (because the replicas cost between one hundred and two hundred euros) an original watch, perhaps of a non-prestigious brand like Rolex, but built in compliance with the laws, and certainly working. 

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