Rolex first for revenues and market shares

In 2017 Rolex confirmed its position as the leader in the market for high-end Swiss watches.  Which then means world leader – with sales of 5 billion francs (around 4.4 billion euros).  More than twice the second brand in the ranking, Omega (Swatch group), which closed with 2.08 billion francs (1.82 euros). These are the data processed by Vontobel Equity Research, the most important watchmaking company. In the Luxury Goods Shop report, edited by Rene Weber and published immediately after Baselworld, it is underlined that in 2017.  (and everything suggests that it will be the same for 2018) . Rolex has not only maintained its global record.  It has also increased its share of market.   While that of Omega – according to Vontobel – has remained unchanged. In the top ten, but well “detached” from Rolex and Omega, there are Cartier,

On the left, the Moonphase, the first watch with an astronomical function in the Rolex Cellini collection, with an unprecedented display of the Moon cycle, with a 39 mm case in everose gold. On the right, the Datejust 31 in gold and diamonds, with a malachite dial. It costs 41 thousand euros and is one of the new features of 2018 for women’s collections

Rolex also stands out in the panorama of the high range for its independence

and to be, always, linked only to the production of watches. Also Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet  are not part of large groups.  But do not have the dimensions of Rolex and, particularly for Audemars Piguet, they are also investing in other activities.

The reputation of the brand corresponds to the sales of Rolex.  In many rankings on reputation and image the Geneva maison has been in first place for years. In the more general ones, it stands out among the luxury brands: the aspect of the coin is that Rolex is the most imitated watch brand that exists. Most of the fakes are bad copies of the originals, but a small part can mislead even those who know the watchmaking. The only real antidote is to buy only from authorized dealers, taking their responsibilities as consumers: unfortunately, it happens that in order to have a famous watch on your wrist you are looking for a shortcut and think about making a big deal.


Returning to the company and its strategies, in 2018 Rolex continued to invest in research & development and in Basel.  Where every year there isthe most important trade fair, presented the range extensions of all the most famous lines.  (Datejust from women and men, Submariner, Cellini, just to give three examples).  Without forgetting the new Tudor models, the “younger brother” of the Rolex brand. The retail development continues, confirming the importance of the Italian market.  In two days, on 22 November, the flagship store in via Condotti will be inaugurated in Rome, a stone’s throw from Piazza di Spagna. The result of the collaboration with Hausmann, the historical name of watchmaking retail and Rolex partner since the 6th, will be one of the biggest Rolex boutiques in the world.

Finally, the commitment to sport is always strategic (from tennis to golf, from sailing to horse riding and to Formula One) and in the arts.  In Italy Rolex is the sponsor of the Venice Architecture Biennale.   And a long-standing supporter of of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. Last but not least, support for young talents of all disciplines, with the Mentor & protegé program.

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