Patek Philippe – The “Great Complications” collection

The watchmaking complications represent what is the true watchmaking art , the one that we passionate appreciate most. You know, Patek Philippe is the master of all the watchmaking complications, so much so that he has twice built the most complicated portable watch in the world. 

Patek Philippe 5270

Patek Philippe Ref.  5270P-001

Available in  two versions of this PP 5270, one in  platinum and leather , and one in  rose gold. The color “salmon”, or “golden opaline” as defined by Patek Philippe, has always been a popular color, but historically it is only found on personalized dials (like those  of Eric Clapton ), limited editions (like the watches of the 175th Anniversary London Grand Exhibition ), or the most expensive complications  (  eg the  10-day Tourbillon referenced 5101P  ).

This watch, in both variants with manual winding movement with caliber  CH 29-535 , enclosed by a beautiful case with a diameter of  41mm , presents various complications such as the  moon phases,  perpetual calendar  costs well  172,580 €  for  platinum , and  177,810 € for the full gold. 

Patek Philippe 5531

news Patek Philippe Baselworld 2018

Patek Philippe Grand Complications Ref. 5531R-001

This PP 5531, in  rose gold , presents the complications  of the world , for having in any part of the world always the right time, and the  repeater of minutes . The watch was initially presented at Patek Philippe’s great Art Of Watches exhibition in New York, in 2017, as a special edition.

For its  automatic caliber R 27 HU movement and its 40.2 mm  rose gold case , its price is  on request.

Brand:  Patek Philippe  
Model:  World Time Minute Repeater  
Reference:  5513R  
Diameter:  42mm  
Thickness:  11.49mm  
Case material:  rose gold  
Dial Color:  City disc in German silver (  maillechort  ); 24 hour gold rose disc; central section in cloisonné enamel  with  decoration on the vineyards above Lake Geneva  
Strap:  chocolate brown alligator leather, folding rose gold clasp

Patek Philippe 5208

Patek Philippe 5208

Patek Philippe Large Complications Ref. 5208R-001 Rose Gold

The reference of the 5208 house  was presented this year at Baselworld with the complications of  minute repetition ,  perpetual calendar,  and moon phases. The 5208R-001 is the only Patek Philippe watch that combines a minute repeater, a chronograph and an instant perpetual calendar. Rose gold case  , 42mm  and movement caliber R CH 27 PS QI self -winding. Also in this case, its price is on request.

Patek Philippe 5207


The latest addition to this collection is the PP  5207 , in white gold with manual windingmovement Its cash from  41mm includes a caliber  R TO 27 PS QI ,  tourbillon  with  minute repeater  and  perpetual calendar. Also here you will know the price in the dealership.

Patek Philippe – The “Complications” collection

As the name of the collection makes us understand, if before it was  complicated complicationsof realization, in this series we have instead the presence of more common , but no less prestigious, complications  . Since the beginning of this article we have repeatedly referred to the term “complications”, but what are they? As Patek Philippe  itself  teaches us, ” mechanicalcomplication” is defined as any mechanical function other than the simple indication of hours, minutes, seconds and simple dates. The queen of watches offers a rich palette of complications useful for everyday life such as Annual Calendars, double time zones and Universal Time clocks.

Patek Philippe 5205

In white gold, this very elegant watch has a caliber 324 S movement   with automatic winding. The complication that characterizes this model is the indication of the  lunar phases at 6 o’clock, in addition to the annual calendar . Its elegant design is best expressed thanks to the alligator leather strap. The cost for this timepiece is  44.240 € , a luxury certainly not for everyone. 

Patek Philippe Chronograph Ref. 7150/250R

Patek Philippe Manual Ladies' Chronograph ref. 7150/250R

This year the Geneva house has revisited the Patek Philippe 7150 chronograph  , introduced in 2009 and entirely dedicated to women’s wrists. This watch, known as the  Ladies First Chronograph , was produced in its first version until 2016, and now reappears in the market in a revisited style. The crate of 38mm in pink gold,  studded with as many as  72 diamonds  set on the bezel, protects the manual caliber  CH 29-535 , left exposed through the sapphire glass, but we go into detail.

Today the Geneva House returns to the theme with the Ref. 7150 / 250R , with a round case instead of a 38 mm diameter 18 kt rose gold coussin, further embellished with 72 Top Wesselton diamonds (equal to 0.72 ct) set on the bezel. The movement, mechanical with manual winding, is the caliber CH 29- 535 PS (270 components, 33 rubies, 28,800 vibrations / hour), visible from the bottom side. The opal silver dial houses Arabic numerals, Breguet hands and the pulsometric scale, as well as the additional counters for the chrono minutes (at 3) and the continuous seconds (at 9). The crocodile strap has a pin buckle enriched by the presence of 27 diamonds (equal to 0.21 carats). 

Price? Well,  “only”  € 77.400.

Patek Philippe 7234 and Patek Philippe 5524

We treat them together, because they are practically the same watch. The only real difference, besides the price,  is the diameter of the case: in  both models this is in  rose gold , with a diameter of  37.5mm for the 7234 , and a diameter of  42mm  for the 5524.

The automatic movement is  the same , ie the  caliber 324 SC FUS. The complication of these watches is the ability to mark two different time zones,  even with the indication by day / nightwindow of both time zones. In classic pilot style  , the price of the watch varies according to the size of the dial:  € 39,750 for the 37.5mm; € 43,930 for the 42mm.

Patek Philippe  –  The “Golden Ellipse” collection

Patek Philippe 5738

This PP with rose gold case  has a particularity: it is elliptical in shape , just like the Golden Ellipse  model  launched in 1968, of which it wants to be a revisitation.

It changes the color of the case, from yellow gold to pink gold.   And its design is inspired by the principle of the “golden section” discovered by the ancient Greek mathematicians. The size is  34.5 x 39.5 mm. In addition, the crown for the shift now placed at 3 o’clock has an onyx stoneset to give an extra touch of elegance. From the inimitable style and elegance, the  Patek Philippe 5738 starts at € 28,450.

Patek Philippe – The “Nautilus” collection

The famous icon of sporty elegance  designed by the legendary  Gerald Genta.

Patek Philippe 5740

This masterpiece engineering and watchmaking, has an automatic movement caliber  240 Q . Its peculiarity is to be super thin, only  3.88mm , in addition to the perpetual calendarcomplication  . The beautiful 40mm dial  is of a particular blue, almost able to hypnotize those who admire it. In itself there is no mention of a particularly economic collection.   But the use of white gold both for cash and for a bracelet  makes the price jump  even higher, up to the ceiling of  109.830 €.

Patek Philippe – The “Aquanaut” collection

Launched in 1997, itwas never particularly appreciated by enthusiasts, either for the similarity to  Nautilus,  or for the rubber strap that goes against the canons of elegance and finesse thatwe are used from them. In  spite of all, there  are two variants presented at Baselworld.

Patek Philippe 5968

This Patek is literally the newcomer in the collection: the  first Aquanaut chronograph . Its self-winding movement is in fact the  CH 28-520 caliber , and has a water resistance of  120m . Its case,  completely in steel , has a diameter of 42.2mm.

Available with black or orange strap, € 40,370.

Patek Philippe 5067

It is part of the Aquanaut Luce collection  , created in 2004 for women. The name of the lightcomes from the application of 46 diamonds on the bezel. This timepiece, with the unmistakable contemporary style of the collection.  Has a quartz movement  and is nothing more than a new coloration of the previous line. To the already existing colors  brown, white and black , it goes to add this with gray-blue shades . The price? € 14.960 to adorn the wrist of a woman with style.

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