Buy an online watch: the trend of the moment

Trade linked to the wristwatch is clear. The preferred channel for all age groups is online

Trade linked to the wristwatch is clear. The preferred channel for all age groups is online. Yes, because on the web you can choose models with your own time, according to your budget and, above all, taking advantage of the many promotions that are not so easy to find in traditional stores.

The trend of the moment is to buy an online watch, to confirm it are also the numbers. According to the annual report produced by Gfk for Assorologi, in 2017 the e-shops increased their sales going to cover a third of the market, at least in Italy. Precisely the sale of watches online last year recorded a growth of 24% compared to 2016. A figure that says a lot about the trend that took this type of trade.

In short, finding the ideal watch for your style using the variety that the internet channel has is not so difficult, just have two clear concepts: your needs and your style.

It is no secret that the watch has always been a distinctive element of the wearer’s personality, regardless of fashions and timing. For this reason, it is important that you choose carefully without being convinced by what the trends would make us necessarily wear.  

Buy an online watch: why do you do it?

It will be trivial, and yet, although it is known that buying an online watch is the preferred mode.   It is increasingly spontaneous to ask yourself why. The answer is quite simple. Buying on the net allows you to skip lines. To get products directly at home and to take advantage of promotions that can make us save 70%. Convenience, speed and convenience are the main reasons that lead users to choose with more and more decision the web channel for their purchases. Not just the clock in this scenario but also any other good that is clothing, technology or other accessories for personal or professional use.

Gfk’s research confirms these motivations underlining that there is no precise seasonality linked to the purchase of luxury goods through e-commerce, but that the months in which the sales are greater are December (since in any case it is not linked at Christmas time), April and July.

Buy an online watch: how you choose

The way you choose an online watch is not so different from the one you use in  traditional store. In this sense, it will be necessary to examine at least three elements. The preference of an analogue clock or a digital clock.   A choice that simply depends on one’s personal tastes.  Followed by that of the movement that can be traditional, automatic mechanical or quartz . Which seems to be among the most precise ever. The third criterion is instead that related to the use made of our watch. To put it better, if you wear every day on every occasion, it will be preferable to buy a very robust model, without limiting all those that are on the market.

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