House Intelligence Committee releases Russia-linked Facebook ads

Ken Copeland
November 2, 2017

In the flurry of election-related posts to hit your News Feed previous year, did you happen to scroll past ones that mentioned the "Islamization of Texas" or calls for Texas to secede?

The illustration, which the group shared through its organizational page on the social networking site, was among the Russian-linked propaganda efforts displayed Wednesday during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. None from Burr's office mentioned Clinton or Donald Trump; instead, they touched on immigration-related issues in order to widen divisions among the United States electorate. Its average revenue generated per daily user, a number that explains how valuable each user is to the company, is the highest it's ever been at $7.54. The ad made about 4,800 impressions, a metric Facebook uses to gauge how many people may have seen the ad.

"What neither side could have known is that Russian Federation trolls were encouraging both sides to battle in the streets and create division between real Americans", Burr said.

During a hearing probing Russian election meddling on Wednesday, Republicans and Democrats spared the firms' general counsels much of the praise that the Senate Judiciary Committee gave them during a hearing on Tuesday.

"Ironically, one person who attended stated, 'The Heart of Texas promoted this event, but we didn't see one of them, '" Burr added.

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The ad was targeted at people in the USA who had expressed interest in conservative commentators including Laura Ingraham, Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh and also those who expressed an interest in Christianity, Jesus, and "Conservatism in the United States".

In addition to these crude and clumsy efforts, The New York Times has noted a hoax that anyone familiar with American politics would recognize as utterly implausible, language on the DCLeaks website that described Clinton as "President of the Democratic Party" and referred to her "electional staff", and a tweet promoting the website that said, "These guys show hidden truth about Hillary Clinton, George Soros and other leaders of the U.S.".

"This is another example of how people are lured in", said Sen. Mark Warner, the top-ranking Democrat on the committee, told the lawyers.

This ad, sponsored by a fake group called Army of Jesus, called Clinton a Satan whose "crimes and lies had proved just how evil she is".

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