Vietnam, FAO ink cooperation framework in World Food Day ceremony

Violet Tucker
October 17, 2017

Despite the world now producing enough food to feed everyone, about 800 million people go hungry (that's one in nine).

The management of human mobility, Pope Francis said, requires a coordinated and systematic intergovernmental action in accordance with existing global standards, and "impregnated with love and intelligence". Though Pope Francis mentioned no one specifically, his reference includes the United States, which pulled out of the agreement June 1 as President Donald Trump announced the us would pursue other means of addressing the environmental issue which are more favorable to Americans.

One of the greatest challenges the world faces is how to ensure that a growing global population - projected to rise to around 10 billion by 2050 - has enough food to meet their nutritional needs. Love is a powerful tool for good Francis said, because it "inspires justice and is essential to bring about a just social order".

"We have commissioned the Edo State Fertiliser and Chemical Company Limited in Auchi, to make the product easy for our farmers in the state and beyond to access". However, he asked whether "we equally aware of the effects of the poverty and exclusion?"

He also called for a total commitment to gradual and systematic disarmament. They cannot be stopped by physical, economic, legal or ideological barriers: only a coherent application of the principle of humanity can do that.

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Instead, Francis proposed an integrative solution based on love, solidarity and fraternity.

According to Reuters, he told delegates: "Thanks to scientific knowledge, we know how we have to confront the problem and the worldwide community has also worked out the legal methods, such as the Paris Accord, which sadly, some have abandoned".

In his Spanish-language address to the United Nations agency, Francis denounced "negligence toward the delicate equilibriums of the ecosystems, the presumption of manipulating and controlling the limited resources of the planet, and the greed for profit".

Fighting conflict and climate change, the pope said, are two given issues on any speech on food security related to the phenomenon of migration: "It is clear that wars and climate change lead to hunger, so let's avoid presenting it as an incurable disease".

Francis said the answer wasn't to reduce the world's population but rather to better manage the planet's abundant resources and prevent waste. "In this way, conflicts and wastefulness are favored, and the number of the last ones of the earth that seek a future far from their territories of origin increases". During his visit to FAO, Francis also gave the organization a marble statute commemorating Aylan Kurdi, a 3-year old refugee boy drowned on September 2015 while crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

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