A mini camera from Google that costs $249

Ken Copeland
October 5, 2017

Google didn't announce a release date for Clips but did say the product is coming soon. It makes use of machine learning under the hood to fulfill a goal that's pretty unique.

Google Clips captures "motion photos", the new picture format that Google created. The functionality looks similar to what Google already does with its Photos app, albeit without the need for you to tell it when to take a photo at all.

What's notable this time is that Google is positioning Now Playing and the Clips camera as examples of "on-device machine learning".

The lightweight, hands-free camera can be set on the coffee table or clipped to a chair to get a shot of your cat playing with its favorite toy.

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Call of the processing is done natively on the device, and none of the images are automatically uploaded until you choose to.

Software is at the core of the camera, meaning Clips can be made smarter and more powerful over time as Google continues to push out new updates. The lens captures in a 130-degree field of view at 15FPS. Google Clips is small and lightweight and has a clip to allow you to attach it to something or to help hold it steady. Apart from the flagship smartphone duo, the company also unveiled its smart Home products and the new PixelBook. There's no viewfinder on the camera itself. Yeah. We're assuming Google is trying to avoid privacy issues by adding the LED light. It's a small, square device that uses artificial intelligence to capture those ideal moments in life.

Clips sync wirelessly and in seconds from the camera to the Google Clips app for Android or iOS.

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