Catalan Official Accuses EU Of Tacitly Backing Madrid

Jerome Frank
September 29, 2017

Since then, the Spanish central government has taken several measures against Catalan authorities and citizens in an attempt to halt the independence vote, increasing political tensions between the region and Madrid.

Writing in the Guardian, Colau said: "Europe can not allow itself to adopt a passive position over the Catalan question, seeing that the events going on in Barcelona are affecting Paris, Madrid, Brussels, and Berlin alike".

"Given the seriousness of the situation in Catalonia... it is my obligation as mayor of its capital, Barcelona, to call on the European Commission to open space for mediation between the Spanish and Catalan governments to find a negotiated and democratic solution to the conflict", she continued.

Colau is against independence but she condemned the behavior of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's "intransigent government" in Madrid, saying it had worsened the standoff with the Catalan regional government.

Still Catalonia's pro-independence politicians have vowed to fight on.

A group of residents in Algeciras, a port city in the south of Spain, came out to show their support and waved Spanish flags for a unit of Guardia Civil officers leaving their station en route to Catalonia.

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"The Spanish government has allowed the Catalan conflict to rise from internal discussion to an European conflict", said Colau, adding that Europe cannot remain "passive" on this issue.

The watchdog added that Spanish authorities' legal measures against Catalan media to stop the spread of information about the referendum have contributed to an atmosphere of extreme tension.

"Whoever doesn't want to hear our voice needs to see a political otolaryngologist", Puigdemont said, using the formal term for an ear, nose and throat specialist.

The operation was to "place electoral material in custody" on the orders of the Catalan Prosecutor's office so that it could not be used in the Catalan independence referendum scheduled to be held on October 1, which the Spanish Constitutional Court has ruled illegal.

"If the yes wins, I will make an appeal for the European community to become involved, because we will have won our right to be heard, something that hasn't happened until now because the European Commission has always turned a deaf ear [to Catalonia]", the 54-year-old separatist leader said.

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