Zapad - photos from exercise that is causing angst in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Jerome Frank
September 20, 2017

Two videos of the incident show a man standing by some cars and military vehicles in a wooded area and looking up at two KA-52 "Alligator" helicopters as they approach.

A number of Russian outlets suggested the incident happened during the Zapad 2017 military exercises. According to the Russian portal, the accident happened on Monday at the Luzhsky range, near from the Estonian border.

Independent news site said one of the people was left with concussion but did not give details on the source of the video.

Russian helicopters accidentally fire on military exercise observers. Four of Russia's new KA-52 attack helicopters rose above the tree line, hovering under the murk, punctuating an nearly continual stream of ordinance, that ended with a long column of T72 tanks driving forward.

According to a report by Moscow Times, two people were hospitalised with serious injuries after the incident.

Moscow has insisted that the exercises, which are held every four years, would rehearse a strictly defensive scenario and involve no more than 12,700 troops, just below the level that would require Russian Federation to allow North Atlantic Treaty Organisation observers under an global agreement.

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A helicopter accidentally fired at civilians during Russia's Zapad 2017 wargames, an event which was captured on video by bystanders.

Russian military drills with Belarus are in full swing and NATO's top general says allies' fears that the war games would be "larger than what they told us", have proved correct.

"The targeting system of one of the helicopters made an erroneous target", the military's statement said.

"As a result of a strike by an unguided rocket, a cargo vehicle with no people on board was damaged", Interfax cited a military official as saying.

". The missiles went off by themselves", the website reported, quoting an unnamed "informed source".

Other reports by Guamnewswatch

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