North Korea: Japan must not exist next to us

Jerome Frank
September 15, 2017

According to the statement, both leaders agreed to work together to deal with the current serious situation and called on the global community to rigorously and fully implement relevant UN Security Council resolutions to maximise pressure on North Korea.

"The four islands of the (Japanese) archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb of Juche", the committee said in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency.

"These disturbances are more numerous and widespread than what we have seen from any of the five tests North Korea previously conducted", the watchdog noted in a blog post earlier this month.

"I believe what President Trump wanted to say was that, not only South Korea and the U.S., but also China and Russian Federation all together need to respond very firmly against North Korea's nuclear provocations", he said.

The defense analysts also said the North's September 3 nuclear test, which Pyongyang said was of a hydrogen bomb, may have been much more powerful than previously estimated.

South Korea and the United States have yet to respond directly to North Korea's latest threat.

South Korea's military said the Taurus missile fired from an F-15 fighter jet travelled through obstacles at low altitudes before hitting a target off the country's western coast during drills on Tuesday.

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In an attempt to punish North Korea for its latest nuclear test, the UN Security Council approved new sanctions, targeting the country's textile industry and limiting its import of crude oil.

New satellite images suggest that North Korea has resumed working at the secretive state's mountainous nuclear test site, despite new United Nations sanctions, according to a USA -based watchdog.

But sanctions advocates say that ultimately compelling full compliance from China, Russia, and other countries that undermine United Nations sanctions, will require the levy secondary sanctions. Clearly, tensions between the USA, its allies, and North Korea are not settling down anytime soon.

This figure approaches what 38 North had concluded to be the maximum yield that North Korea's underground Punggye-ri nuclear test site could contain.

Tina Fordham also said she does not want to attribute probabilities to future developments in the Korean Peninsula because the variables of the crisis are volatile, highlighting the difficulty of predicting how the tensions between the Pyongyang leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump will evolve.

As North Korea holds more frequent and more powerful tests, the South in particular has ramped up its deterrence efforts.

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