Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid: How to Start the Raid

Ken Copeland
September 15, 2017

We already knew that the first Destiny 2 Raid, Leviathan, will launch at 8 PM BST / 9 PM CEST tomorrow, so some of you might have been playing like insane to reach the maximum Power level.

The Legend Himself, a name you might already be familiar with if you've played Destiny 1, had the honor of being the first team ever to beat a raid in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Nightfall Strikes are a special, ultra-hard version of the Strike mode, which rotate to a new Strike from the roster each week. Players with clans should have no problems but solo players will need to wait for the Guided Games which unlocks at 26 September or find a group of people to play. As soon as Bungie reveals any new details about the Raid we'll be sure to update this guide, but for now we can run down some ideas of what to expect from the Raid. In-game, the recommended level for the Raid is 270.

As such, players will need to get up to a certain Power Level in order to succeed.

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How to Best Level up for the Leviathan Raid? It's definitely not a good time for numerous most ardent fans, who are trying to get to power level 300 before the raid is released tomorrow.

Are you ready to conquer the Leviathan? Bungie recommends that all players involved close the game and restart. Amusingly, numerous user responses waved it off and said keeping track of the single effective damage type was all just part of the challenge. We can't predict what the enemies in Leviathan might be resistant or weak to, so you'll want to take in weapons that can deal Solar, Arc, and Shock damage. You can see the spoilerific final moments below.

"There will be no Raid tease for Destiny 2's first Raid", Luke Smith tweeted.

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