CNN Is Mad Because 'White Men' Speak At Trump Voter Fraud Commission

Jerome Frank
September 15, 2017

The group feels Kobach is suppression voters.

Just as the hearing got underway Tuesday morning, a judge with the Hillsborough County Superior Court South weighed in on another challenge to New Hampshire voting rights.

"The claim is that the commission will meet and then they will recommend things like photo ID or some other election security measure". Kobach also said it's possible the commission will make no recommendations and just tell states "here's the data". President Trump also tweeted about the "serious voter fraud" that had occurred in New Hampshire.

The Kansas Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate said in the article that it appeared the New Hampshire U.S. Senate race - in which Republican incumbent Kelly Ayotte was narrowly defeated by Democrat Maggie Hassan - "was stolen through voter fraud".

Shortly after his inauguration, Trump pushed the bogus claim that "thousands" of people were bused into New Hampshire from MA to vote illegally, a falsehood that New Hampshire election officials and even Granite State Republicans immediately discredited.

"While very few illegal aliens ever admitted to voting in the national election, I was surprised at how many lawful permanent residents admitted to voting in the national election".

Kobach cited statistics showing 5,313 voters with out-of-state driver's licenses registered to vote on the day of the election but who did not later obtain New Hampshire licenses.

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When the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity was established four months ago, Kobach asked authorities in every US state to turn over complete records of everyone who voted in those jurisdictions, with full personal details - a demand that was immediately rejected by the states, nearly unanimously.Complaints and concerns that states used to justify their refusal to cooperate with Kobach's investigators included the threat of computer hacks, and equally widespread concerns about the federal government amassing too much personal information in one database.

Professor Andrew Smith of the UNH Survey Center said polling by his organization suggests that 85 to 83 percent of New Hampshire residents have high confidence in the state's electoral process, but the fact that some don't should be a concern.

Gardner says the group's ability to reach consensus is threatened by the partisan reaction it has evoked.

With its latest, dangerously false claim about New Hampshire, it's more obvious than ever that the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is making moves to destroy voting rights. One commission member, Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, questioned Block's findings, saying he has found that most problems can be explained by human error. The DOJ directed inquiries to the White House, which did not immediately respond to a request for comment. In a column last week for Breitbart, the Kansas Secretary of State declared that voter fraud tipped the scales in the election past year in New Hampshire. Richard Painter, who served as an ethics lawyer for the George W. Bush administration, has pointed out that Kobach's being paid by Breitbart to write about his election commission work is a conflict of interest that's probably in violation of federal law. Among them: The Heritage Foundation's Hans von Spakovsky, who plans to highlight egregious examples of voter fraud; and the Crime Prevention Research Center's John Lott Jr., who will advocate background checks for voters. The proof was that they registered to vote using out-of-state IDs. He says the commission was created to substantiate the biggest lie ever told by a sitting president and should be dismantled. New voters are registered easily and happily.

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity has spurred controversy since it was established in May. Indeed, the commission could use the data to create a national voter database for the first time in US history, and it could be used to unlawfully purge voters with identical names and birth dates.

ME secretary of state and commission member Matthew Dunlap expressed concern in the meeting that using a system for background checks could create "unintended consequences".

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