American Horror Story: Cult season premiere

Kelly Massey
September 7, 2017

But after seeing this season's first four episodes, I'm unconvinced that Murphy and co. are taking our political and cultural moment seriously enough.

While Trump and Clinton won't be main characters on AHS Season 7, spoilers say Cult will begin on election night. He may not have a part to play this time around except as a fictional character, but with all these new clowns parading around the premises, it's nice to see a familiar face. "I don't want to get pigeonholed". Are the murderous clowns Ally sees carrying on his legacy? On the other side, Evan Peters' blue-haired character, Kai, roars in triumph and pelvic-thrusts the TV. Turning to Dr. Rudy Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson) for help, she can hardly even handle being in his office because of a piece of hole-filled coral sitting on one his shelves (not because it's a bad decor choice, but because of you know, the plethora of tiny little holes next to one another). Winter put her college education on hold to campaign for Hillary and is equally stunned by the election results - especially when her brother mocks her with his orange dusted face.

Ally's phobias are causing trouble in her marriage. Ally later heads to the grocery store where she seems to imagine she is attacked by clowns. In case that weren't creepy enough, and it is, she starts seeing clowns everywhere, and while insane clowns might also be enough, they're nothing compared to insane clowns having sex. Just the sight of the front cover sends her into hyperventilating histrionics. It's as if she's trying to cultivate and nurture a serial killer right under his parents' noses.

Scariest of all, however? Or perhaps the clowns are real and they are preying on Ally's phobias in an attempt to destroy her family? Kai enters her room to presumably gloat over Trump's victory, but instead, the two lock pinkies, implying a pact between the pair.

Evan Peters: Give this man an Emmy, like, yesterday. The dynamic between Kai and Winter will be a thriller to watch, as it's not quite clear what their relationship entails.

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When they return from their date to a crime scene on their street, Ally and Ivy panic. (John Carroll Lynch returned in the premiere to act out a scene from Oz's comic-one that strongly mimics the murder Twisty committed in the Season 4 premiere.) The last time we saw the "real" Twisty, he was ascending to a dream-like freak heaven. "There are plenty of creepy places across the United States", she says. Oh, and yet another clown is haunting her. They immediately beat the crap out of him, but it's being videotaped. The couple chooses to believe babysitter Winter. But according to her, it was all in his imagination.

In a new teaser released by FX, Twisty is front and center is this disturbing motion comic that shows the demented clown tearing out the liver and cutting out the tongue of one of his victims. The police seem to back that up, curiously telling Ally and Ivy that the deaths are being investigated as a murder-suicide.

Meanwhile, American Horror Story viewers get to know Kai a bit better as well. But we'll definitely continue to tune in to see just how deep Ally's anxious fears and Kai's cult status will go! Remember when the end of Coven had Cordelia being interviewed by a major news network with a headline about Liza Minelli's hip at the bottom?

These early reviews are going to be giving me ecstatic dreams about this season rather than night terrors, but then again, I'm obviously not a coulrophobe.

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