Is the Night King a Greenseer?

Kelly Massey
August 27, 2017

Something has been nagging the Game Of Thrones community since that stunning penultimate episode of Game Of Thrones season 7.

Led by the sinister Night King, the Army of the Dead have been patiently, and a little too conveniently, waiting around north of the wall since season five.

Unfortunately, though, Season 7 is shorter than the usual 10 episodes, but fans can take solace in one thing: the finale, airing this Sunday, will be the longest episode of the HBO hit yet, clocking in at 79 minutes and 43 seconds, the networks confirmed on Tuesday. Joramun was the King-Beyond-The-Wall who joined forces with the Stark King Of Winter to defeat the infamous Lord Commander known as the Night's King. He has been the Night King all along, even before becoming the three-eyed raven. Would it also kill the other White Walkers, too? It therefore seems legitimate to ask whether the White Walkers had not foreseen the blow thanks, for example, to the power of the Night King. The Night King knew when Bran was viewing his army, and is able to grab Bran's arm through the telepathic link.

Our first hint to the Night King's Greenseeing proficiency is in S6E5 "The Door", when Bran has a vision of the Night King and his undead army; up until this point, Bran's presence has been near-imperceptible to those in his visions, even when shouting their names aloud, like he does to his father Ned Stark in a past vision of the Tower of Joy (S6E3 "Oathbreaker").

Next week's season finale is the longest episode in the show's history, clocking in at 79 minutes - so perhaps we'll get some answers in regards to The Night King's identity.

To use the Facebook app's new Night King filter, all you'll need to do is access the camera.

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If when the dead finally get to the Wall we see a wight or White Walker touch it and explode, this is what we'll expect to happen. The theory suggests that Bran tried to warg into the mind of that man so that he could save his life, keeping the White Walkers from ever being created. It makes a lot of sense story-wise, especially the part where Bran has been completely useless this season.

Warning: Getting this effect to work was about as easy as explaining where the White Walkers came up with those giant chains last week just when they needed them.

This idea is key to how the Night King has such a diverse army behind him, rather than just a barrage of reanimated corpses.

The strength of the army of the dead comes from their massive numbers and lack of fear.

Because White Walkers and Wights are created differently, it begs the question of how the Night King is able to control them all (including the white walkers), or whether they are simply subservient to his commands.

The season finale of the penultimate season of "Game of Thrones" will air same time as the USA, at 11am Monday AEST on Showcase.

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