Danish Crown Prince denied entry to Brisbane bar

Kelly Massey
August 23, 2017

They then leave at about 11:28pm after being told he would not be allowed to enter because of the strict new Queensland liquor laws that demand patrons entering a venue after 10pm must have a drivers license or passport for identification.

Earlier reports said the royal, who is married to Australian-born Princess Mary, was turned away from the bar under new Queensland laws that require ID scanning.

Even with a one-off approval, Hogan admitted to "probably bending the rules".

However, police downplayed the incident and claimed that the royal was not denied entry.

"We're dealing with it all the time with normal people without ID, and if you're not someone like Prince Frederik, you don't hear about it", he said. The prince left the talking to the security team to sort out the misunderstanding.

The incident has cast fresh light on the state's ID scanner laws, which came into effect in July as part of an effort to curb alcohol-fuelled violence.

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"If there has been any embarrassment sadly it has been misinformation that is now in the public view", he said.

Jade Buddha co-owner Phil Hogan told ABC radio the royal encounter in Brisbane was embarrassing for all involved and particularly hard for his security staff.

"They could have been terrorists, so their first priority as security is to protect the room". We always thought it was going to be a nightmare, " Mr Hogan said. Prince Frederik was allowed in after they had Googled him, confirmed with the officers that they were actually police, and made a phone call to the liquor licensing.

After finally gaining entry, Prince Frederik broke away from the security detail and fronted up to the bar on his own.

Many Brisbane venues haven't exactly been stoked about the mandatory introduction of the I.D. scanners that are apparently meant to keep the city safe, and one venue has just had a particularly embarrassing issue as a result of the new tech, causing them to turn away Denmark's Crown Prince (and husband of former Aussie Princess Mary) because of his I.D.

"I'm pleased Prince Frederik chose Brisbane for a safe night out", Palaszczuk said to Parliament on Tuesday.

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