SNL Portrays Eric Trump With Intellectual Disabilities

Kelly Massey
August 13, 2017

But the "Saturday Night Live" spinoff forged ahead with its regular cast and one alumnus in an amusing half-hour that touched on topics both political and pop-culture. That may not translate into big ratings for Weekend Update Summer Edition, but these four episodes may help Update recover from a bumpy Season 42, and knock off some rust before tackling what is sure to be a highly anticipated Season 43.

The first episode served as a reminder of the vital, cathartic role that "SNL" has played during the Trump presidency, making (many) in America and beyond laugh, while spotlighting Trump's failings.

Eric Trump (Alex Moffat) and Donald Trump Jr.

For those who have forgotten how much "SNL" sends Trump into a tizzy, here's a quick refresher from his Twitter account.

Viewers hoping for a visit by Alec Baldwin's Trump, or even a single sketch, may have been disappointed to find out they were getting exactly what the title of the show implied. The slimy, loose-lipped businessman from Long Island makes for comedy gold; he was only part of the Trump administration for ten days, but this early edition of SNL allows an opportunity to portray him.

Trump aide says Tillerson's role is diplomatic, not military
She added: "Trump's tweet gives the misleading impression that he has already ordered concrete changes to the USA nuclear arsenal. Trump and North Korea have been exchanging escalating threats, with the North saying it was examining plans for attacking Guam.

Auto slams into ground after seven storey tumble from parking garage
On the way down the woman's vehicle hit a building on the other side of the alley taking out a surveillance camera. The security camera was at ground level, showing just how tragic the incident could have ended.

Mother in shock after teenage babysitters put infant in refrigerator
She also said that the girls thought the stunt was a joke and that she doesn't believe they meant to harm her baby. The baby's mother said she was away from the house for a little over half an hour when the Snapchat was posted.

The show opened with jokes mocking Trump's threat Wednesday to rain "fire and fury" on North Korea.

The best host joke came from Che, who made fun of President Donald Trump's proposed merit-based restrictions on immigration with a joke imagining the Statue of Liberty on Tinder. "You look like a Jeff Dunham puppet" as the image of "Walter", Dunham's famous angry old man puppet, appeared on screen.

NBC noted it has not been three months since "SNL's" season finale on May 20, but it feels like a lifetime given the current news cycle. So they brought back Bill Hader to capture the essence of "The Mooch".

"I don't know if you guys noticed, but there were some minor staffing changes at the White House", said Jost.

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