Assange wants fired Google employee to work for him

Jerome Frank
August 10, 2017

Google has denied the charges, arguing that it doesn't have a gender gap in pay, but has declined to share full salary information with the government.

The post discussing topics involving gender and diversity went viral within the organisation for its controversial content.

Over the last weekend, Motherboard reported the story which was followed by Gizmodo, who published the entire 10-page document.

You can read the full memo here.

She said the engineer's essay "advanced incorrect assumptions about gender".

Michael Willemin, a plaintiff's lawyer with employment firm Wigdor, also said Damore would have a hard time bringing a retaliation claim based on the idea that his memo constituted a complaint about discrimination against men.

Many in Silicon Valley denounced Damore's arguments, including Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai, who said Monday in a memo to employees that the engineer's manifesto violated Google's Code of Conduct and that suggesting "a group of our colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive and not OK". The entire memo is available on Recode.

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The engineer, James Damore, was later fired, and Google CEO Sundar Picjhai said in a letter to staff that "to suggest a group of our colleagues are unfit to do the job due to their chromosomes, you're telling colleagues "I don't think you're good enough".

At the moment, 69 percent of Google's employees are men, 75 percent of its leaders are men, and 56 percent of all its employees are white, according to a report released by the company in June.

Leading tech companies, including Google, Facebook and Uber, have said they are trying to improve hiring and working conditions for women. In terms of racial diversity, over 50 percent are White, a consistent figure for every year since 2013.

"It's demoralizing", she said, requesting anonymity out of fear for retribution.

Since the firing, the debate has raged on with questions of stereotyping, standing up, and censorship.

It remains to be seen how this removal of the employee will play out in the coming days. While she may praise Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who set up the company in Wojcicki's garage back in 1998, she doesn't shy from criticizing the "unfounded bias" that is still present across the industry.

And a 2016 study of women in Silicon Valley found that half of the women asked had repeatedly been told they were too aggressive, and almost half had been asked to do low-level jobs their male colleagues weren't asked to do, like taking notes or ordering food. Pichai said that he supported the right of workers to express themselves but that the memo had gone too far. In his note to staff sent on Monday afternoon, Mr Pichai spoke at length about protecting free speech in Google's ranks, and that "much of what was in that memo is fair to debate, regardless of whether a vast majority of Googlers disagree with it". "The author had a right to express their views on those topics €" we encourage an environment in which people can do this and it remains our policy to not take action against anyone for prompting these discussions".

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