Google will give "good apps" a better ranking in its Play Store

Ken Copeland
August 5, 2017

In this case, Google says that it has "enhanced [its] search and discovery algorithms to reflect app quality".

"In an internal analysis of app reviews on Google Play, we noticed that half of 1-star reviews mentioned app stability", said Google. It will also incorporate app quality signals in its ranking algorithms in order to flag faulty apps.

The new ranking is mostly influenced by how well an app performs on the devices of users participating in a special, opt-in program, meaning "quality" in this case only refers to a lack of crashes, lag, or excessive battery drain. So while Google still does use this as a metric in their algorithm, it's just not as important as it was before. But if your app keeps on crashing and users keep complaining, then you will be downranked and chances of users seeing you among the gazillion apps in the Play Store are minimal. The machine learning tools would focus on the apps that are asking for permissions outside of the scope of what an app should be asking for.

As the general perception goes, apps on the iOS platform function better than those on Android.

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Developers can use the Play Console to find and fix the issues with their apps. This particular implementation breaks down all prompts pushed by the Play Store into five categories - High Priority, App Updates Available, Updated Apps, Security and Maintenance, and Account Alerts.

Until this update, search results in the Play Store would prioritize popularity over support. According to the Android Developers Blog, disgruntled consumers cite a lack of app stability and recurring bugs as reasons for leaving a negative review. The company will penalize such apps by demoting them in its search rankings.

Hopefully, this will help increase the overall quality of the apps on Google Play Store and also limit malware and other issues that can be found in the bad Android apps.

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