Transgender military ban 'not thought through'

Jerome Frank
July 27, 2017

"As a trans person, it's hard to articulate exactly how I feel, but I guess if I had to describe it, I'd say, 'Donald, you're so stupid".

"I kept it a secret for 24 years in the military", McGinnes said. "The United States Military is not the place for leftist social experimentation", Miller said in a statement to The Texas Tribune.

A prominent transgender airman pushed back against President Trump's announcement Wednesday to ban transgender people from serving in the military, saying he's determined to continue serving in the Air Force.

Trump wrote on Twitter that the military must be focused on overwhelming victory and can not be burdened with disruptions.

Trump made the widely-condemned announcement yesterday (July 26) in a series of tweets.

Some Houston-area veterans agree with Trump's new policy change.

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Tweeting on the same to her 54.4 million followers, the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star said, "Banning transgender people from serving our country is simply wrong". She says that's what led to her honorable discharge.

The issue took center stage previous year when the ban was lifted on transgender people in the military, but now the tables have turned after a series of early morning tweets from President Trump.

Campaigners and Twitter users were quick to point to Ms Trump's past support of transgender people, and called on her to "say something" as anger grew over the policy.

The Capital Equality Democratic Caucus says over 15,000 transgender Americans are already serving in the military. As if there's no uniform code of military justice, there aren't ways that you have to discharge people, that people don't have rights. "If people weren't so loving and compassionate with me, I probably wouldn't be here right now".

A spokeswoman for Ernst said in an email the Republican senator believes, "Americans who are qualified and can meet the standards to serve in the military should be afforded that opportunity". There are thought to be up to 15,000 transgender people in the United States military, out of a total of 1.4million personnel, but the Pentagon refused to comment on whether they will lose their jobs.

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