Arab quartet adds new names to Qatar's terror list

Jerome Frank
July 26, 2017

He said he also met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud before going to Kuwait where he met Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah to discuss bilateral relations and the crisis. It has the second biggest military force in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Erdogan's tour was the second diplomatic offensive launched by Turkey, following a similar visit to the Gulf by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu a month ago.

"The Turkish and US military presence in Qatar doesn't pose any kind of sensitivity at all", he said, arguing that the Saudi-led group has relied in its escalation on US President Donald Trump's tweets.

The head of Qatar's National Human Rights Committee, Ali Bin Samikh al-Amarri, thanked delegates for "defending" Al- Jazeera, saying it was tantamount to "defending freedom of expression and the right to information".

Saudi Arabia and its allies on Tuesday released a new list of 18 organisations and individuals with ties to Yemen, Qatar and Libya branding them as "terrorist" over suspected links to Islamist extremism in Syria. The anti-Qatar quartet included expelling the Turkish troops as one of its list of demands to resolve the dispute.

On earlier remarks regarding Qatar having to participate in the Arab coalition in Yemen, al-Attiyah said that they believed the Yemeni crisis could be resolved politically without excluding any side.

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He said that Doha and Ankara enjoyed a "special strategic relationship" as they have the same stance on the issue of "liberating the oppressed peoples and democracies".

But the latest announcement showed that optimism on de-escalation after Mr Tillerson's statement was premature and that greater pressure will be applied on Doha before any talks begin.

The Saudi-led blockade on Qatar which sought to bring Doha to its knees, has only strengthened the tiny Gulf emirate, the chairman of state-owned Qatar Petroleum said. And after that we had the Gulf-US meeting, and no problems were raised there either...

The Yemeni individuals are not on United States or UN sanctions lists, but the men - Mohammed Al Dabaa, Ahmed Ali Ahmed Baraoud, Abdullah Mohammed Al Yazidi - "worked with Aqap's Hadhrami Domestic Council and its leadership to oversee projects and activities in Mukalla while the city was under Aqap control", the designation stated. He added that both sides know that their interests in Qatar can not conflict.

Certain mass media made assumptions at the onset of crisis in relations between Qatar and Arab countries that the conflict could be caused by Doha's attempts to strengthen influence in the region in order to support construction of pipelines across neighboring countries. "Therefore, Qatar will be forced to opt for global procedures to legally lift the blockade, with the support of countries that have acknowledged that all decisions taken based on this blockade are void", he said.

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