Pacific Rim: Uprising Get your first look at the sequel

Kelly Massey
July 21, 2017

Mostly narrated by Ellen McClain, the voice of the AI in Pacific Rim (and, notably, the voice of GLaDOS in Portal) this is an unusual teaser that doesn't show us much about the movie at all - but at least it gives us John Boyega in Power Rangers vs Pacific Rim mash-up mode right at the end.

A new teaser for Pacific Rim: Uprising has arrived, and with it comes a quick look at numerous movie's new Jaegers, along with the reveal of John Boyega's character.

Pacific Rim: Uprising, directed by Steven S. DeKnight, also stars Scott Eastwood, Tian Jing, as well as Charlie Day, and Rinko Kikuchi from the original. Pacific Rim was ushered into existence by a true auteur filmmaker, and created by Travis Beacham, a screenwriter who laid the groundwork for multiple sequels.

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Legendary launched a viral marketing website for Pacific Rim: Uprising called Go Jaeger focused on the Jaeger program, specifically encouraging viewers to "Join the Jaeger Uprising".

Alongside the teaser somes the message, 'A new generation of Jaeger Pilots will stand tall for all humanity. While Pacific Rim featured a Jaeger program on its last legs - and, as such, numerous robots were older machines - Uprising seems to be including state-of-the-art technology in its Jaegers. Or, perhaps, is there a new threat the Jaegers need to face in addition to giant monsters from an alternate reality?

We don't know a lot about the plot of Pacific Rim: Uprising, but it seems safe to say that the new mechs - along with the various array of swords, canons, and spikes that they're wielding - will see plenty of action when the sequel arrives in theaters on February 23rd, 2018.

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