Distressed Ambulance Driver Breaks Down On Air Over Public Sector Pay Freeze

Jerome Frank
July 17, 2017

The Conservative leader will use Tuesday's regular cabinet meeting to "remind" colleagues to keep their discussions private and urge them to focus on the job of government, he said.

Mr Hammond lashed out at Cabinet rivals who briefed against him, accusing them of trying to undermine his attempts to secure a Brexit deal which protected jobs and the economy.

Before the vote, Prime Minister Theresa May had made clear that her priority was cutting immigration, a major issue in last year's referendum vote to quit the bloc.

In the same meeting Hammond was reported to have said driving trains was so easy nowadays that "even a woman can do it".

He refused to be drawn on the meeting but said "very generous pensions" put public sector workers ten per cent ahead of private workers.

"I don't see these great divisions that I was reading about the Sunday newspapers and I have to say I think all of this is somewhat overplayed".

"Some of the noise is generated by people who are not happy with the agenda which I, over the last few weeks, have tried to advance of ensuring that we achieve a Brexit which is focused on protecting our economy", he said.

"They want to frustrate Brexit", the minister told the Telegraph.

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GMB national secretary Rehana Azam also said Mr Hammond was "out of touch with public opinion" over public sector pay.

Tweet Embed: https://twitter.com/mims/statuses/886518054649290752 Did Philip Hammond just admit that the cabinet is deeply split over Brexit.

Things got worse for Mr Hammond after there were reports yesterday he clashed with Cabinet colleagues following his claim public-sector workers are "overpaid". "I think my colleagues should be very quiet, stick to their own departmental duties and I think the public expects us to be disciplined and effective".

Hammond's confidence in the consensus over such an arrangement, whereby there would be a longer period to negotiate the terms of leaving than the two year period offered by triggering Article 50, comes after new meetings between business and government commenced.

"I believe the great majority of my colleagues now recognise that is the right and sensible way to go, both in the United Kingdom and the European Union", he said.

According to The Sunday Times report, Mr Hammond said that, with their pensions were taken into account, public sector workers were "overpaid", and that train drivers were "ludicrously overpaid".

"The care worker hurrying from house to house doesn't feel overpaid, nor does the hospital cleaner working round the clock, or the teaching assistant going the extra mile for the children she supports", she said.

"He should try and live on a public sector worker's wage for a week to understand the struggle to make ends meet so many are facing as the cost of living rises", she added.

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