Man tried to open jet door during flight

Violet Tucker
July 11, 2017

A Delta flight en-route from Seattle to Bejing received an unexpected and scary disruption on Thursday when a flight attendant attempted to quell an unruly and violent passenger who was attempting to open the emergency exit door at 32,000 feet by breaking a bottle of wine over his head.

The flight attendants asked passengers for help, but Hudek fought them off, too, and hit one male passenger in the head with a dessert wine bottle. When he emerged two minutes later, he suddenly lunged for the exit door and tried to open it, according to Highley.

According to one flight attendant, "Hudek did not seem impacted by the breaking of a full liter red wine bottle over his head, and instead shouted, 'Do you know who I am?' or something to that extent", the complaint said. One of the passengers on the flight was 23-year-old Joseph Daniel Hudek IV, who had a first-class ticket thanks to his mother, who works for Delta.

Several passengers stepped in to subdue the alleged attacker, Cooper said. Several passengers joined in the struggle, and at least one passenger was struck in the head by Hudek with a red wine bottle.

Aircraft cabin doors can not be opened at high altitudes because of the differing pressures inside and outside the jet's cabin, and the Delta plane was cruising at high altitude, at 32,000 feet, when the incident happened.

A Florida man allegedly tried to open the emergency exit door on a flight to China on July 6.

Hudek faces 20 years in prison for the incident.

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Even then he remained combative, she said, and it took multiple passengers to keep him restrained until the plane landed and Port of Seattle police arrested him.

The Boeing 767 returned safely to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport around 7:40 p.m. local time under a Department of Defense escort, according to the two people briefed on the incident.

In this incident, three people were injured aboard Delta flight 129, and this included two passengers and one crew member, informed the people present there. This passenger was handled by the law enforcement officers as the flight returned to the gate, said Delta.

But, Cooper subsequently said that was incorrect, and he and Dietrich-Williams described the incident only as an assault on a crew member. CNN has reached out to the North American Aerospace Defense Command to get clarification on the discrepancy.

The FBI told Sea-Tac officials there is no information that the incident is a national security threat.

Lt. Commander Joe Nawrocki, a NORAD spokesman, clarified jets were ready on the runway but never took off. Air traffic control recordings from indicated F-15s at Portland International Airport were preparing to meet the Delta flight but never departed.

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