Gang rape survivor has acid thrown in her face for fifth time

Tabitha Dunn
July 5, 2017

Investigators in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh have questioned the account of a woman who said that she had been attacked with acid by her alleged gang rapists for a fifth time despite police protection, hours after the story of the attack made worldwide headlines.

This woman had then again been assaulted in 2012 and 2013 in the same way and by the same men who wanted to well to compel her to abandon the proceedings against them before the justice.

The series of attacks on the woman began in 2009 when two men had allegedly raped and attacked her with acid over a property dispute in her home at Unchahar, 100 kilometres from Lucknow.

As other similar attacks are reported in other countries, even residents of the United Kingdom have become victims.

The perpetrators may have continued to attack the woman over the years in order to pressure her to drop all criminal charges against them, Mic reports.

Mr. Baudh, the BDAM convenor, said the police action was not only a violation of freedom of speech but also an "insult to the dignity" of Dalits.

In March, the woman was attacked again while traveling on a train with her daughter, and this time was forced to drink acid, according to the Guardian.

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"It was not on her clothes, it was applied on her face and neck", Tripathi said.

NDTV also said the same woman was allegedly gang-raped in her village in 2008 and the woman's family suspected she was being targeted by people close to the gang-rape accused. "If someone else did not do it, how did this happen?"

The 50 Dalits had been travelling to Lucknow with a 125-kg bar of soap which they were going to give to Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath. He said that when he and the few with him arrived at the Lucknow Press Club for the seminar that was to start from 12 noon they found the place swarming with cops who had taken over the venue.

The leading specialized NGO Acid Survivors' Foundation of India told the Guardian the doubts over the woman's claims presented "a challenge" for their team, but promised "not to leave her alone". A manager at the cafe, Alok Dixit, said it was virtually unheard of that a person would deliberately burn themselves with acid.

Amidst these recent acid attacks in India, there have been countless NGOs working to support and help the victims.

Such acid attacks are common in India, with hundreds of women being attacked each year.

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