GOP eyes Senate health care vote next week, amid grumbling

Kari Scott
June 22, 2017

Currently, there are only 52 Republican senators and since the healthcare bill is being passed under "reconciliation", only 51 votes are needed to pass it.

Two abortion-related provisions in the House-passed bill that rewrites the US health insurance system have been dropped from the Senate's counterpart version, according to several lobbyists.

"Legislation is too often shoved through Congress without proper hearings, amendments, or debate, as the secrecy surrounding the Senate's health care bill and the pressure to vote for it with little time to fully evaluate the proposal once again remind us", the Kentucky senator said in a statement, the reported noted.

Paul said he won't know how he will vote until the bill is released to legislators on Thursday, but he anticipates that McConnell won't have the votes and will have to renegotiate the legislation with members of his own party.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said Tuesday that there's "more work to do" before the bill adequately cuts premiums.

"I haven't seen the bill", said Lee.

"I think getting things done as quickly as we can is very important", he said.

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According to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, his fellow senators can look forward to receiving a draft of the much talked about, but unseen Obamacare repeal bill on Thursday before rushing into a vote prior to the July 4 congressional recess. Chris Murphy (D-CT).

"The Senate will soon have a chance to turn the page on this failed law", McConnell said, referring to Obamacare.

"It's apparently being written by a small handful of staffers for members of the Republican leadership", said Lee of the bill, using a Facebook video for an unusually public swipe at GOP leaders. "Just chose to do this in the dark of night", said Schumer.

Senate Democrats went all out Tuesday to derail the Republican health care replacement for Obamacare, saying GOP senators are keeping it secret because they are "ashamed" of it. The AHCA used age rather than income to calculate subsidies.

Republicans in the Senate have been working for weeks on the legislation that will supposedly repeal and replace several provisions of the Affordable Care Act, which the former Democratic President Barack Obama pushed for during his administration and is now popularly referred to as "Obamacare".

Shelley Moore Capito has said she has concerns with the House version of the bill, but has not said whether she will support the Senate's revised plan. The House passed a bill that even President Trump reportedly described as "mean".

The bill would also end the individual mandate under Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood for at least one year.

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