ZeniMax targets Samsung over Gear VR

Mandy Carr
May 17, 2017

If you're wondering how Samsung got dragged into this, then maybe you might not have heard but Oculus and Samsung worked together on developing the Gear VR headset. It's only a first instance claim at this point, but it does have potential to generate millions in damages, should the court establish that the Korean company benefited from Zeni's VR concepts.

ZeniMax claims Samsung was aware of its earlier lawsuit against Oculus, but made a decision to continue working on the Gear VR headset with Oculus-based software.

ZeniMax, parent company of hit games such as Doom, Quake and Fallout, has filed a lawsuit against Samsung over its Gear VR headset. The company is also suing for profits resulting fro infringing works, a "reasonable royalty", court costs, attorney fees, and more. The proceedings are in infantile stages just yet, but the course of action is well-worth following, as the bill for Samsung may spiral into the hundreds of millions and pose serious considerations for the future of Gear VR. Much of this plan is allegedly borrowed from software Carmack developed while at ZeniMax. It also accused Oculus and its founder Palmer Luckey of "commercially exploiting" ZeniMax's computer code and trade secrets to develop its VR products. The by-product of this partnership was the Samsung Gear VR, which displays the "Powered by Oculus" phrase, and includes some exclusive Oculus features. However, the jury did not agree with ZeniMax's allegations that Oculus used any trade secrets from the company.

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The lawsuit accuses Samsung of copyright infringement, as the Gear VR uses Zenimax VR code. In its lawsuit against Samsung, ZeniMax is seeking unspecified damages.

"Samsung, which had desired to release a mobile VR headset and sell greater quantities of its mobile devices, was aware, or reasonably should have been aware, that Oculus acquired its VR technology through this breach of the NDA and in violation of ZeniMax's intellectual property rights".

The lawsuit against Zenimax continues the long-winding legal battle between Oculus and Zenimax, and with Samsung now joining the fray, there seems to be no end in sight.

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