Eman Ahmed leaves for Dubai, sister says 'Thank You India'

Tabitha Dunn
May 6, 2017

She has been discharged from the Saifee hospital in Mumbai on Thursday.

Sawant later said, "There are some lessons to be learnt from Eman's case".

But she couldn't hold back a final tirade against the hospital management, saying she had requested that the media not be allowed to come close to Ms. Ahmed as she left the hospital. Bariatric surgeon Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker said, " We have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that she has a safe landing at Abu Dhabi and won't have any problem in the air". Ahmed is considered to be the second heaviest woman in history, compared to American Carol Yager who weighed 540 kg or 1,200 pounds. Dr Fuad Ahmed, a German general surgeon with Burjeel known for his laparoscopic procedures will be looking at the bariatric issues of Eman, informed Elshahad.

"The idea is to complete the treatment the patient received in [Mumbai]".

What's more, though her chances of walking again were said to be poor because of her weakened bone structure, doctors claimed that she was the healthiest that she has ever been and that she was in higher spirits and enjoyed listening to music.

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Her stay in Mumbai has not been without controversy, after her sister, Shaimaa Selim, criticised medical staff for lying about how much weight her sister had lost, prompting most of the doctors treating her to resign.

Ms Ahmed's journey from the hospital to the city's worldwide airport, via a green corridor provided by the Mumbai traffic police, turned into a spectacle, with camera crews from the media tracking her ambulance's every motion amid popping flashbulbs.

According to her doctor, the only cause for the delays was signing the appropriate paperwork, to which the health minister argued that the government needs to prepare and standardize protocols to handle people with similar cases of morbid obesity. From breaking down a wall in her house to have her lifted out of the room using a crane to chartering a special cargo plane fitted with medical equipment to fly her to Mumbai from her home in Alexandria, Egypt, for her treatment - none of this was without risk. Her genetic tests had showed that she has a rare gene mutation that can not be cured through surgery. Her discharge from the hospital took longer than expected due to what seemed to be discrepancies in how authorities had to handle Eman to caregivers from Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi.

During the early days of her treatment, Eman shed a remarkable 100 kg through a strict protein-rich liquid diet.

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