Facing deadline, most Wisconsin dairy farms find new buyer

Tabitha Dunn
April 30, 2017

Here, for example, is some sharp language U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer used in his missives to the U.S. agriculture secretary and the U.S. trade ambassador.

The U.S. dairy industry has other reasons to be wary.

The letter cited the importance of exports to the US dairy industry, noting that approximately 15 percent of USA milk production amounting to roughly $5 billion a year leaves the country. Instead of giving ourselves a vision for a dairy sector and taking ownership of our own destiny, we are about to see changes based on someone else's terms.

Tony Senn, who owns Swiss Miss Farms near Fox Lake, said he signed a six-month contract last night after DFA sweetened initial offer to farmers. Producers can lower prices, or they can simply produce less.

"Changing price relationships have likely contributed to the increase in cheese exports and the decrease in cheese imports, as USA wholesale domestic prices have declined relative to foreign export prices", the outlook reported.

The US lumber industry has complained for decades that Canada subsidizes its producers to be able to sell wood products at reduced prices in the US market. The alfalfa hay price in February was $129 per short ton, $1 higher than January but $8 lower than February of past year. Canada lowered the prices for this milk class to incentivize domestic ultra-filtered milk and better compete with the US-produced imports.

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I'm not being ironic when I say that this policy needs to die so that we might live; the fact of the matter is that this country is institutionally and systemically mismanaging its future by clinging to bad ideas from the past. Meanwhile, dairy production in Canada increases.

The barrels, after dipping to $1.3825 Thursday, gained 4 1/2 cents Friday to close at $1.4275, unchanged on the week and a quarter-cent above a year ago. Five cars of block were sold on the week at the CME and 38 of barrel, 22 on Friday alone. The farm was given until the end of April to find a new buyer. "Going forward, I will continue to fight for our Minnesota producers by pushing this Administration to fully enforce our current trade agreements and hold our global trade partners accountable". Demand is generally steady to improving but inventories are long. More milk. More milk. The entire food chain has been held back for years.

Harrop said it is about being more competitive in the market. Canadian leaders suggested the US was retaliating because of an issue that was not even their fault. Stronger-than-expected sales were reported from some manufacturers.

Butter output continues at active levels with cream available.

Supply management is officially on Donald Trump's radar and Canadian dairy farmers are holding their breath. In March, the average price paid to farmers in the Northeast was $17.30 for 100 pounds of milk, according to the federal milk marketing order for the region. "Why are we breaking down the components of milk?" Luckily, good old New Deal anti-trust and farm protection policy is already on the shelf, ready to be dusted off.

The news comes weeks after reports that the Trump administration was interested in renegotiating the United States' position in NAFTA, rather than withdrawing from it. 1 dairy importer, and Trump's effort to build a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border threatens the prosperity of all local dairy farmers, whose fortunes increasingly depend on exports. "We hope they move quickly before we are forced to take retaliatory trade actions against them".

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