Windows 10 Creators Update Is Available for Download

Ken Copeland
April 13, 2017

DIY gadget developers will now be able to build smart home devices using Raspberry Pi 3, which will support and accept Cortana commands. Cortana will be providing help for the user, guiding the user through every step of the upgrading and installing process, The Express reported.

IT enthusiast have longs since been attempting to develop their own smart devices but just couldn't find a way to include a personal assistant feature.

Windows 10 Creators Update is Microsoft's biggest release for some time, marking the company's next significant upgrade. Given Microsoft's growing emphasis on biometric security with its Windows Hello platform, it may eventually be possible to use Cortana for user authentication as its voice biometrics technology continues to advance. We're not quite as impressed, but there's no doubt it's an improvement and you'll be able to make your decisions about data sharing from the moment you download the update. The OS already supports boards like Intel's Joule and MinnowBoard.

But things are not totally morbid for old school users as they can still complete the process the traditional way by using mouse and keyboard while muting Cortana at any point, which means the voice recognition is not mandatory. The Raspberry Pi range, however, lacks two features required to make use of Cortana: a microphone and a speaker.

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But Microsoft Edge introduces another way to manage your tabs in the Creators Update.

The Creators Update improves this service by consolidating more features into the Windows Defender dashboard, giving users greater control over their security. Recently, Amazon made Alexa available on the iPhone and this may threaten Siri. This change is likely due to the integration of IoTivity IoT protocols from Open Connectivity Foundation, which helps establish secure connections between IoT devices. One of which is support for consuming and even creating 3D content and another is better sharing options and more cohesive contact management.

If your windows 10 machine has settings set to auto-download, your PC will be automatically upgraded to the new software.

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