AARP to Report Health Care Votes

Tabitha Dunn
March 21, 2017

Since the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was passed in 2010, Republicans have been vowing to repeal and - sometimes - replace it. It predicts that over the next 10 years, there would be 24 million fewer Americans with health insurance.

The first Republican plan, initiated by President Donald Trump's administration and under consideration by the House of Representatives, has met with significant criticism from Democrats, nonpartisan research organizations, medical groups and associations and even some Congressional Republicans. Those provisions are the repeal of Obamacare's health insurance tax, the use of tax credits for off-exchange health plans, the establishment of the patient and state stability fund, and the continuation of cost-sharing reduction subsidies. Those Republicans who decry redistribution of income don't seem to understand what insurance is. Health care which promotes highest quality at lowest cost (value) rather than numbers (volume), which doesn't bankrupt families, which is accessible to all, rich or poor, young or old, everywhere in our United States.

He apparently got them - but, in Aderholt's case, only after Trump told him that his concerns about the negative effect on older Americans would be addressed.

Republican Gov. Gary Herbert of Utah has said he supports the GOP plan because it would give states more flexibility, but Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval of Nevada says he's concerned his state could be "punished" under the plan.

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So, what are the insurance companies in business for? "Here's the truth as a woman-go get your birth control now because, honestly, nobody knows if all of this passes if you'll be able to get this in three months".

A health care plan built around free-market principles would force hospitals and doctors to disclose - publicly and clearly - their going rates for that heart bypass, knee replacement, IV drip or Caesarean section.

After paying premiums for several years, many people had their legitimate claims denied by unscrupulous insurers. These are Nebraskans like Amber, a single mother who works at a small-town daycare facility and makes minimum wage with no insurance benefits.

The Republican plan says you do not have to buy insurance. Finally, Congress will also consider future legislation to reform the health care market and make it more competitive. Even though I do believe that government makes you buy auto insurance, making it profitable for insurance companies. That means some aspects of the ACA the Republicans want to get rid of or change will have to be accomplished with subsequent legislation. The ACA does need reforms but Republicans have ignored this avenue for years.

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