Final 'Kong' trailer explains all the ways to die on 'Skull Island'

Kelly Massey
March 3, 2017

Skull Island is the first Kong movie since Peter Jackson's 2005 reboot. And Kong himself, who reigns supreme over all the other beasts, swamp yak included.

It even promises to show us exactly how Kong became King.

The star plays Captain James Conrad, a former British SAS tracker hired by American scientists to help hunt down the legendary giant ape on a mysterious island.

"Let me list the ways you're gonna die", Tom Hiddleston's character says as danger looms.

Kong is terrifyingly huge - Credit: Warner Bros. "He's God on the island". And I have to admit, they've done an fantastic job.

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Especially when he stacks up against a flock of USA army choppers. "It was all about the "things" so as long as they looked good we knew it will all be ok".

Obviously, fans of creature features will be thrilled to see Kong back on the big screen, but even for the rest of us, there seems to be plenty going on here. Brie Larson's war photographer Mason Weaver is along for the ride along with a military crew that includes Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Corey Hawkins, and Toby Kebbell.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts directed the movie, based on a script by Dan Gilroy and Max Borenstein.

To prepare some of you for that eventual slugfest, The A.V. Club is giving a few lucky readers a chance to attend an early screening of Kong: Skull Island at Chicago's AMC River East theater on March 6, and all you need to do to get free passes is enter your information at this link.

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